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Saturday, August 23, 2014

517. The Minds of Many Humans Are Not Developing

As I said earlier, the Little Gods had developed 'counting tokens' 9000 years ago. And, 5000 years later they began to write texts. However, when they began to make texts, they created different languages in the nation they lived. Since all different languages are made with symbols and their meanings, the minds of the Little Gods could become flawed easily .

Thus, I say that a flawed mind of a Little God will appear when a war, terrorism, crime, or an inequality his developed in a nation. Only when a Little God has found truths and loves will this Little God find a well-developing human mind and will God act accordingly.

Jesus teaches the flawed minds of Little Gods at Matt. 4:4 and Matt. 5:19. At 4:4, he says that a flawed mind cannot live on bread alone. And, at 5:19,  he says that a flawed mind will live forever in a least kingdom of heaven and will never live in a great kingdom of heaven.

The Little Gods on planet earth must develop their minds continually. To live forever without developing your mind is a major problem in any nation. To say that the human mind comes from evolution is a major error. The human mind comes from the human soul that God made.

My research on mind was deep. I conclude, for example, that 'the chicken came before the egg.'  Thus, the human mind came before the human body. Accordingly, the human mind is immortal. And, all  humans are reborn continually.  Scientifically, the human mind can perceive and measure the body of everything in the universe. One can clearly se that the belief in the resurrection to God is false.

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