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Sunday, August 24, 2014

518. The Acts of God: On Wars, Terrorism, Crime, and Inequalities

The acts of God are had to find. But God gave humans the ability to hunt them. In this blog I will show how God is protecting our souls.

A person is a indivisible soul that is created by God. Thus, a person is not created by a Father and Mother because all persons are immortal, live forever, and will be reborn by many different Fathers and Mothers. Accordingly, DNA will be found in a body but is not in the soul where the mind is found.

Since the soul of a person comes from a God that creates a universe with a heaven, the soul of a person must receive a body. All bodies are defined by Galileo in the First Day Chapter of the Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences. In this book, Galileo says that all bodies will be built up of an infinite number of indivisible quantities. So, when a person's soul becomes related to a body of a Father and Mother, a new human life begins, comes to an end, and is reborn.

Accordingly, wars, terrorism, crime, and inequalities are highly flawed human behaviors that are being eliminated in very different ways by the acts of God. For example, God's acts are working against today's wars. And God is working for equal humans.

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