Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

526. Making Natural Families

Just as the chicken comes before its eggs, God begins to make the universe by making indivisible souls, forms divisible bodies in a Father and Mother, and forms the life for many different humans. This sequence of action is necessary because all human souls have minds that sense and measure everything in the universe.

Thus, God did not made an endless family on earth or in the universe. Nor did God make the first male human, Adam. And, nor did God make the first female, Eve, with the rib of Adam. Thus, evolution is a false theory. Don't you recognize that the early scriptures are flawed and were not made by God? Since God does not make families, I say that only we can build families that are based on God's natural acts..

I conclude that three natural family members exist --- children, Father and Mother, and grandparents. The children become Father and Mother, the Father and Mother become grandparents, and the grandparents die and are reborn by God. As seen, the development of the minds of the members of the family are critical.

Since some Fathers and Mothers do not develop the minds of their children properly, many children develop their minds improperly and end up in prison for life and no parole. These lifers are found in every nation. If the minds of Father and Mother are developed properly, the grandparent life is great. But if Father and Mother did not develop life properly, the grandparent life will be ugly. Thus, all nations must make natural families with good human minds.

It is time to eliminate unnatural families and make natural families.

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