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Sunday, August 31, 2014

524. Religions Do Not Know the Infinite God

In his book on Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences, Galileo talks about finite bodies in the universe. On page 34, Galileo says that bodies are built up with an infinite number of indivisibles. In this statement, it is clear that Galileo is describing the act of an infinite God and the way God is building the universe with bodies and souls.  Galileo called the souls indivisibles.

This work of Galileo on bodies will also be found in Chapter 6 of the book Galileo Galilei his life and his works by Raymond J, Seeger (1966) of the National Science Foundation. Yes, the U.S. government will publish information about God occasionally.

Unfortunately,  Galileo did not receive an apology from the Catholic Church for his statement on the bodies of the universe. An apology on this statement by Galileo has never came from any religion because the universe continues forever and has no end.

It is time for all religions to learn that the universe will never stop/

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