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Monday, September 22, 2014

535. It Is Time To Govern Religions By International Laws

Today, I say that perfect religions do not exist on any planet because God made a universe that approaches perfection but is never completed. On religions, at Matt. 5:19 of the New Testament of Christianity, Jesus tells us mathematically that all religions vary on planets from the least commandments to the great commandments. (Note. Our planets today were called kingdoms of heaven during the life of Jesus.) Since Muhammad was a follower of Jesus, the Islamic State should teach Jesus rather than killing people.

Thus, I conclude that all religions are imperfect forever. So, the people of all nations should not be required to build a military organization in order to fight a war against an imperfect religion such as the Islamic State. If an imperfect religious war has developed, the people of all nations should work together in order to prevent this religious war.

Accordingly, I disagree with the current proposal that the people of Iraq and Syria make a military in order to fight a war against the Islamic State. Instead, I say that all nations on planet earth should organize a military unit that prevents the war of the Islamic State and improves the Islam religion.

If religious leaders continue to perfect their religions, I am sure that these leaders will be reborn by God on a greater planet.

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