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Monday, September 29, 2014

539. The U.S. Republicam and Democratic Parties Must Be Eliminated

In the USA, the Republican and Democratic parties are no longer governing the people of the United States and the Declaration of Independence (DOI). I detected these violations soon after I became a member of the staff of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) of the Department of Justice in 1971. In the 20th century, these two parties did not even study or use the DOI. In general, when the Republicans came in, the NIJ staff would be required to work on crime with physical science. Then, when Democrats came in, the NIJ would be required to work on crime with social science.  To us, we thought that we were working on a see saw.

Instead of working together on the laws of the DOI, these parties have now became opposing political systems which cannot coexist. But I saw this opposing political in 1971 because the Republicans were following 'physical science' and the Democrats were following 'social science. Only under God can these two sciences be united.

Based on scientific opposites, the Republicans have become Capitalists and the Democrats have become Socialists. The Capitalists govern the 'one People' with a world money system . The 'one People' compete with each other and other nations. On the other hand, the Socialists govern the 'one People' with degrees of freedom. But this 'one People' only competes with each other. As seen, capitalism and socialism forms a dysfunctional government. This government must be eliminated so that the government can be abolished and changed to functionally related government based on the laws in the DOI.

In the second paragraph of the DOI, the DOI says that the States can abolish the U.S. government and institute a new government. So, the States in the USA must act immediately. If the current government is changed, I believe that many nations will also change.

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