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Friday, October 10, 2014

650. Some More On A Very Important Book For Believers In God

Each day, about 100 people in different nations read my blogs. Yesterday, 666 people in many nations read my blog on the development of human knowledge by Ernst Cassirer. Many of these people live in the USA, France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Brazil, Hong Kong, Spain, Slovakia, and Ukraine while other people live in other nations. In general, the development of human knowledge is a very important subject worldwide. Yet, the development of human knowledge about God and the universe is not growing.  So, wars and more new crimes are coming.

Based on my research of the USA, I conclude that the U.S. people do not develop and use the human knowledge developed by Cassirer. Instead, most Americans use the English language, which is used mostly by atheists, logicians, lawyers, political parties, evolutionists, bankers, investors, and the  economists who use the symbols that England's Adam Smith developed.

In the19th and 20th century, the English language brought the development of human knowledge to a halt. This 19th century halt can be seen on the ENCORE TV, a Centennial movie.  Going West, shooting Indians, stealing money, buying land, finding gold were natural to economic language of Adam Smith. In both centuries, two presidents were assassinated because these two presidents, Lincoln and Kennedy, were going to change the U.S. economy by making all U.S. citizens equal.

To express the thoughts of President Lincoln, Henry Carey wrote The Unity of Law, As Exhibited in the Relations of Physical, Social, Mental and Moral Science. In the first chapter on page 9, Carey tells us that the meaning of the symbols of Adam Smith are vague and very poor. Carey also honored Frederic List because List moved the coal of Pennsylvania to many U.S. people. Carey rejects the economy of Adam Smith and says that capital is the instrument of work that has been done. Thus, if God creates all people equal, a nation can put all people to work with capital. If this is done, all people become equal.

The economy of Adam Smith has became outdated. Thus, it is time to develop the senses and reasoning minds of the people in every nation. In the USA, the Republicans and Democrats must be eliminated because they demand that the economy of Adam Smith be used. The English language is weak and is lowering our mental abilities significantly. By introducing some German symbols and lines of reasoning into our English language should be considered by the U.S. government, colleges, and universities.

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