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Thursday, October 16, 2014

655. How Non-Physicists Can Be Distinguished Clearly From Physicists

The USA and many other nations are failing mentally because economies have developed a rich and poor class of humans. When these classes developed, the minds of the rich humans gained a feeling of a great culture and the minds of the poor humans gained a feeling of a least culture. These least and great cultures were taught by Jesus at Matt. 5:19 as undesirable. So, rich/poor phenomena are not healthy and could be the origin of cancer or other problem of our bodies.

In 1971, the Foundations of Measurement was written by David H. Krantz, R. Duncan Luce, Patrick Suppes, and Amos Tversky. Three basic measurements were identified for the physical science: comparisons, counting units, and solving inequalities.

For nonphysical sciences such as psychology, for example, physical scientists say (1) that non-physicists must discover their own ratio scales and append them to the existing structure of physical quantities, (2) that non-physicists introduce into the structure new non-basic quantities that are relevant to the non-physical sciences, or (3) that non-physicists arrive at lawful formulations having a character different from the dimensional invariant equations of physicists.

Since most physical scientists are atheists, I say that all non-physicists should accept the work of Ernst Cassirer, Susanne Langer, and the reality of our feelings that work in our  souls and our r minds. The continuation of a world economy and human classes must be destroyed. Then, the nations must build a new world of equal nations.

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