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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

654. The United States of America Is Falling

The  people of foreign nations are now passing the number of U.S. people who read my news.

Accordingly, I conclude that many American minds cannot b opened to new breakthroughs such as: (1) the new lines of reasoning in the 15th century; (2) the new modern science in the 18th century; and (3) the separation of evolution and empiricism from England in the 18th century by Ben Franklin. Essentially, the minds of Americans are not developing properly because too many U.S. TV programs are focused on criminal stories, political party messages, and economic sales. It is time to develop the minds of humans through TV and the Internet

On the history of the world, I say that the American minds cannot be opened because American lawyers say (1) that the Declaration of Independence (DOI) has no laws; (2) that American economists installed Adam Smith's economy in the USA because they did not know the American System of Economics; and (3) that American Christians, Gospel singers, and Gospel musicians believe that Jesus is God and that the universe will soon come to an end. The minds of many other humans can close the minds of other humans.

I say that the American minds are not moving into any new lives and are not developing higher minds because the Adam Smith economy produced a class of rich and poor humans. This production developed a side effect in that the rich class now controls the minds of the poor humans.

Unless the Republican and Democratic parties are removed from government, I say that most American minds will never move forward.

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