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Thursday, October 23, 2014

671.Competition Is Natural Only In Animals

Many people of the USA and many people of other nations believe that the concept of competition is natural. They also believe that it is natural for some people to become rich and other people to become poor. However, these people do not realize that human life does not stand still, as the life of all animals stand still.

President Lincoln did not believe that competition is a struggle between the fittest animals and humans. On beavers, President Lincoln said that beavers build houses and builds them the same they did five thousand years ago. (click) , (click) So, humans and animals are different and human life changes whereas animal life is always the same.

Accordingly, competition must be eliminated if humans want to develop a new and equal life for all humans. If competition is not eliminated, I conclude that wars among nations are coming.

If the U.S. Congress begins to eliminate the competition among the people of the USA, I suggest that Congress study the togetherness of Abe Lincoln, Henry Clay, and the American System of Economics. (click) (click)

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