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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

659. Competition Is An Ungodly Thought Of William Clinton

Currently, former U.S. President William Clinton is appearing on TV this fall in order to help Americans win a democratic position in government. To help these Americans, Mr. Clinton teaches competition. However, if maintained, competition will always develop a nation of rich and poor people.

Actually, Clinton's competition violates the U.S. Declaration of Independence (DOI) because the self-evident truths of the DOI says that all Men are created equal. Thus, when humans souls are created by God, the feelings of males or females become equal after God gives them a body. When our babies are created by God, their freedom only lies in their feelings. When our babies grow and learn that competition is natural, cancer will appear because life will be filled with many different feelings.

When competition is used by many different nations. The people of these nations will separate and develop a number of rich and poor people. As competition becomes tighter and tighter, labor earnings must be reduced and the number of poor people will grow. For instance, in North Dakota, the oil drillers are lowering cost in order to sell. So labor pay is being lowered. In nations, wars often appear when competition does not work anymore.

Further, when people receive inheritances, the number of the people in the rich class grows and the number of poor people grow. So, competition causes cancer from the feelings of human minds. The idea that competition is natural is wrong.

In the first statement of the DOI, Ben Franklin and John Adams changed the phrase 'the people' to the 'one People.' This change identifies the USA as a 'whole with an equal number of human parts.' To view the USA only as human winners and losers is ungodly.

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