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Saturday, October 18, 2014

657.Solving Cancer Differently

When the Americans fought and won the war against England, the Americans did not reject all of the different behaviors of human life in England. For instance, when Henry Clay tried to install the American System of Economics in the 1830s, he failed because most Americans are using the English language and the British System of Economics.

In 1859, Darwin's evolutionary theory was sent to the USA in order to defeat Lincoln in 1861. While Lincoln won this election, he was assassinated. The death of Lincoln led to the to absolute freedom of the people who went West. But, this absolute freedom violates the Law of Nature and of Nature's God in the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Thus, Darwin's evolutionary theory has been accepted by many those Americans who reject this DOI law.

When cancer appeared more frequently, doctors began to develop surgeries, radiations, and chemotherapies. I conclude that these developments are failures because doctors do not conduct research on God and the universe when they work on human or animal bodies. For instance, I conclude that cancer is a system (or a whole with parts) and can be felt by the human mind. In his Two New Sciences, Galileo said that all bodies are made with indivisibles. So, smaller and smaller parts of a system in a human body can be identified. If these parts are perceived, in his Monadology, Leibniz says that different perceptions can be reasoned many different ways. If strange lines of reasoning appear, then cancer can be eliminated.

My thoughts on cancer are new and challenge our doctors. I expect my thoughts to grow. But, it is time to eliminate the British System of Economies all over the world.

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