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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

670. Competition Of Humans Must End

Competition was not well defined until the theory of evolutionary emerged. When Charles Darwin developed his evolutionary theory, evolutionists concluded quickly that the concept of competition is a mechanical process, that competition is a natural selection process, and that competition is a struggle between the fittest animals and humans.

Since many 'rich/poor' humans exist in many nations today, evolutionary theory is now also saying that competition is a contest among rich humans over territories for resources. And that these rich humans seek prestige, recognition, awards, social status, and leadership.

I conclude that evolutionary theory has developed the concept of competition in many nations. But, this development is only similar to the development of slavery long ago and crime more recently. I also conclude that atheists, physical scientists, biologists, and naturalists have told many people that the universe will come to an end. And religions have told many people that a second life exists only in God's heaven. Even the U.S. government is telling its people that competition is natural and godly. But, I say that the teaching of competition by the U.S. Republicans and Democrats is false.

Unless the concept of competition is destroyed completely, human life on this planet will degenerate bodily and mentally. Only the American System of Economics can save all nations and all humans.

Those humans who want competition are not thinking well. Gaining prestige, recognition, awards, social status, and leadership occurs rarely because God dos not reborn humans in the same nation.

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