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Sunday, October 26, 2014

673 More On the Health Care Costs For Humans Must Decrease Continually

At blog 656, I discussed the different cost of the ointment called 'clobetasol.' I said that the cost of clobetasol increased from $9 (on 10/17/14) to $36 (on 10/20/14).  However, on 10/22/14, the cost of clobetasol increased to $50.65.

Based on the American System of Economics, the $9 cost of this ointment would be reduced continually. However, based on the British System of Economics, which is the competitive economy of Adam Smith, the $9 cost of this ointment increased to $50.65 in five days by investors of the USA.

As I say before, the minds of many Americans are stuck-in-the-mud because they do not know the Declaration of Independence (DOI), the DOI laws, and the Laws of Nature and the Laws of Nature's God. If these Americans would lift their minds out of the mud, the States could abolish the U.S. government immediately and put the DOI laws to work.

Today, many Americans are on the phones in order to get votes. However, these Americans will never get their minds out of the mud.

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