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Friday, November 07, 2014

684. The GOP Will Increase The Poorness Of The People Again

During the presidency of Obama, the poor people became richer and the rich people became poorer. Since the GOP has recently gained its power in Congress, the rich people will become richer again and the poor people will again become poorer. This is how the British Economy of Adam Smith works in the USA.

The ugly British System of Economics came into existence after President Lincoln was assassinated, the American System of Economics was not approved, Darwin's evolutionary theory was accepted, the world market was opened, and different killer species were shown on movies. So, one life became a new belief in many nations, which spoke of a second life in God's universe..

However, I prove that two lives do not exist. Instead I prove that life of all people had no beginning and has no end because God is always the origin of everything in the universe. The true God always was and always will be. Thus, all humans will live again, again, and again in the universe, when they die because God gives every human an immortal soul when our bodies wears out. When we die, we receives a new body continually..

Since the USA economy creates rich people and poor people, the human life of richness is about 10% and the human life of poorness is about 90$. So, when a rich person is reborn by God one hundreds times, a person is rich 10 lives and is poor for 90 lives. Today's economists say that richness and poorness is acceptable. But the economists are not acceptable to humans or to my research on God and the universe.

Building an equal economy for all people is possible in the American System of Economics by Henry Clay and Henry C. Carey. To hold onto the British System of Economics is ungodly.

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