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Friday, November 14, 2014

691.The U.S. Congress Is Not Securing Americans

As my studies move forward on the subjects of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the work of John Locke's Society and Government, and the work of the U.S. colonists on The Second Treatise of Government, I conclude that the U.S. Government must be abolished in order to institute Locke's states of human lives.  (click), (click), (click)

In Locke's work on the states of humans, Locke identifies two states: (1) the state of freedom and (2) the state of equality. Thus, some humans are free and live without laws. And other humans are equal and live in nations with laws.

In order to secure the people of the USA, a system was developed and became a military law by the U.S. Congress. I conclude that this military system does secure the bodies that God gives to every American. However, God also gives every American an immortal soul (or mind) before He gives them a body. Thus, in order to secure also the minds of the people of the USA, a different secure system of the minds of all Americans must be developed by the U.S. Congress. Securing the minds of all Americans means that all colleges and universities must become free, just as the military system was developed and becomes government. I say that that the health care system must also secure the health of all Americans and becomes government.

The minds of the people of the USA must become secured by the colleges and universities of the USA. This mental security must become government so that people are free from all costs. Apparently the development of a rich and poor class of people in the USA was an ignorant development. Was Locke's work on the two states of humans put into the circle file?

Since the U.S. Congress is not developing the state of equality in the USA, the U.S. Congress must be abolished. Apparently, the development of the state of equality was eliminated after President Lincoln was assassinated. So, I am ask asking, Who is controlling the USA today?

Since Locke deals with the Old Testament and Adam, his thoughts on other subjects such as war, slavery, property, etc., might be very different than my research.  .

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