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Friday, January 29, 2016

878 The U.S. Democracy of Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine became a major follower of Ben Franklin, who I say is the only major Founding Father of the USA. (click) With many books, Paine contributes to the democracy before and after the colonists had to become separated from England. Paine also challenged all religions and scriptures. For instance, Paine says that Jesus is not divine and that Satan cannot become a man. Paine also says that 'certain humans' cannot receive Words of God. But, Paine says that God and humans communicate to God. Thus, Paine says that all humans have immortal souls. I say that our immortal souls can have many different lives with different bodies.

Ben went to England in August 17745 to discuss the American crisis with Lord Chatham. On September 30, 1774, Ben met Thomas Paine, who was ingenious and young. Ben recommended Paine to go to Philadelphia because its people were becoming poor and might not fight against England. With his pamphlet and book on Common Sense, Paine taught Americans why they must become free under government rather than under the power of Kings, Queens, or other humans.

I conclude that Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad have been reborn many times. Unless all nations and humans become equal, the communications between God and all humans will not be very good.;

My books about God and the Universe are in agreement with the work of Gottfried Leibniz:

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