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Monday, August 07, 2006

God’s Gift of Natural Life to All People

Yesterday, I spoke of the ‘natural life’ that God gives to all people. The founders of the USA expressed this natural life in the Declaration of Independence with the statement ‘all Men are created equal.’ But, no nation has ever developed such a life for its people. Why is this so, when many believers in God exist in all nations?

One answer to this question is the problem of land and the problem of land ownership. American Indians solved the problem of land by eliminating land ownership. Three early governors of the colonies of Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York solved the land problem by giving their people free land, but only if they improved the land. To improve a piece of land, a person had to add a home, farm, or other business to the land. But, this land use principle did not continue after the founding of the USA. Instead, ‘fast buck’ land speculators appeared.

With capitalism, national economies would become scientific with the appearance of economists. A capitalistic nation would consider the major economic factors – labor, capital, technology and land. Earlier, England’s David Ricardo announced his law of wages, which stated that all attempts to improve the real income of workers were futile and that wages would remain near the subsistence level. So, after capitalism emerged in the free nations, a person had to become a capitalist, technologist, or land owner if he or she wants to live above the subsistence level. Needless to say, no capitalistic nation can provide God’s gift of natural life to any human being. In fact, since land prices inflate regularly, poverty in a capitalistic nation will grow unless capital and technology can overcome the price rises of land. I conclude that no government can say that it is giving it people a natural life under God. Further, since the US government is not even trying to develop a natural life for its people under God, one must conclude that the US government is not a government under God. Without God, it must be a government under atheism. When are God’s people in the USA going to wake up?


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