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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How to Exercise Your Mind in the Higher World

Some people find it difficult to establish a continuous relationship with God because they use their sensual appratus too much. When this over-use occurs the thinking appratus that develops our spirituality is under-developed and hardly used. Your spiritually is developing properly when someone in your environment makes a statement and you must ask him or her to repeat it. You missed the open words of the statement because you were thinking. Thinkers about God-related subjectst are deep thinkers. Today, I received the words below from a friend. They show you how you can exercise your mind, increase your spiritually, and learn about God's promises. George

Here’’s an exercise for today:

Please write down Switch to the Higher World. This means that you now have an authentic spiritual aim. It involves self-work, self-honesty, a self-wish to rise above yourself. To switch to the higher world means to abandon the lower world. It means you want to be on higher ground, and that you first recognize where you were, recognize what your thoughts are thinking all day long, look at them, examine them, catch yourself going into hostility, into depression, into moodiness.

Switch to the Higher World will become a very real and practical exercise. Start with doing it once, then you'll want to do it twice, three times, and you'll want nothing more than to go through your whole twenty-four hours seeing yourself in the wrong place and realizing you must switch to the Higher World.

Stop Blaming Anyone

Will you simply say to yourself as a spiritual exercise, ““Never, never again will I blame anyone for anything.”” That includes Papa of twenty years ago, Mama of five or thirty years ago. They’’ve still got you unfortunately. Also, the ex-wife, ex-husband —— stop blaming and lacerating yourself so that now you can think about how mean and stupid you are, and thereby keep a false identity going.

You are either building your false identity, which is tormenting you, or you’’re dissolving it through spiritual insight, one or the other, you can’’t have both.

Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you.

Rev. Sandi Lee, M.Msc.


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