Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, February 05, 2007

Finding the Scientific Connections Between God and the Universe Requires Government, Science, and Religious Changes

When I proved the existence of God scientifically and found that all things in the universe are images of God and that God is in all things functionally, I concluded that man’s thinking in the life sciences must be corrected and that only a portion of the universe could be explained by laws of the ‘physical sciences.’ These conclusions explain, for instance, why deadly human diseases are not cured and why physical scientists are not finding proven laws in the universe’s regions of the infinitely small (atomic regions) and the infinite large (beyond solar systems).

Thus, I do not expect physical scientists to find consistency with God in their Superstring and Big Bang theories, And, I do not expect medical doctors, economists, sociologists, political scientists, lawyers, anthropologists, psychologists, etc. to find consistency with God in the ways we now live. Without these consistencies, one will never find eternal regularity and happiness in life. Instead, life will not be predictable and arbitrariness in the field of lawmaking will govern us.

Without God and these consistencies, one must conclude that the Laws of Nature’s God and the Declaration of Independence have no authorities in the USA. Without these authorities, the USA developed a godless government of, by, and for bandits. Thus, the American Revolutionary War cannot be said to be successful because the US government has now returned to the ‘arbitrariness’ of that ungodly government of England’s people, who ruled arbitrarily over the American colonists. I believe that many people and nations throughout the world are becoming aware of this political failure, that the USA has lost its world leadership, and that the US government has private spirits but cannot use them publically.


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