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Saturday, February 10, 2007

What Causes a Fall or Rise in Life?

I assert that a person, organization, or nation will degenerate and fall if the development of the human mind is slowed and stopped. To prevent such falls, humans must continue to develop their mind. A mind continues to develop by removing false ideas from the mind and replacing them with true ideas. Today’s spiritualists know this and teach how to overcoming depression, for instance, by forcing negative thoughts out of a person with positive thoughts.

In general, the Western religions are falling. They began to fall with their separation from the modern scientists. To rise, all religions must initially become one religion under a monotheistic God. This single religion must then be unified with those scientists who are currently developing scientific knowledge under a monotheistic God. This two-step process is necessary because many of today’s scientists and mathematicians do not believe in God. The unification of all religions first will cause these atheistic scientists and mathematicians to force the ugly atheistic ideas out of their minds with godly ideas.

The religious fundamentalists will not make change easily because the mind of a religious fundamentalist has many false and deep-seeded ideas. Many of these false ideas must be replaced by scientific ideas. This raises a problem for a religious fundamentalist who holds ideas against science, For instance, it will take time to teach some religions that God judges humans continually; that the universe has no end; that death is an illusion and that human life never ends; that God can reincarnate and/or resurrect any human; and that Heaven and Hell are in our minds, not in the universe.

Today, leaders choose different forms of war to cause rises. For instance, this is the path of today’s religious fundamentalists, the communists, the al-Qaida terrorists, today’s suicide bombers, the small and special religious cults, and those third-world nations that do not develop science and technology. These paths are never successful.


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