Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Monday, May 14, 2007

The First Scientific Proof of God Has Surprises

My proof of God using the famous ‘scientific method of proof’ has surprises. These surprises show that my proof is inconsistent with some religious teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I begin by saying that my proof of God also proves that God’s monotheism is true. These two proofs give one a new view of God and the universe and also questions some current interpretations of scriptures. Since a monotheistic God can have no oppositions such as Satan, I conclude that a celestial world in between God and created things in the universe does not exist. This conclusion tells me that God is always touching all things in the universe spiritually. This spiritual touch will be understood if one understands the spiritual atoms that I use in my modern theory of God’s creation.

The greatness of a true monotheistic God is seen when one learns that God and the universe have always been one, always coexist, and will coexist forever. This means that God-universe exists as a unity, that this unity has permanence (God) but also has phase changes (universe) and that both have no end. So, Moses was correct to speak about the creation using the symbol ‘day.’ To Moses, day one meant ‘phase one’ or the oneness of the ‘God-universe.’ Thus, the second day meant ‘phase two’ and the twoness of the God-universe. After phase six, Moses recognized ‘phase seven’ as a shift in the nature of God’s creating effort. Today, we might view ‘phase seven’ as the maintenance or adjustment phase. Since these phases have no end, we must conclude that God and the creation had no beginning. Thus, I conclude that God is always working on some phase of the universe. We can now see that time is something created by man’s mind. This intelligent creation by man is important because time helps man to find signs about the universe. These signs are needed as Jesus Christ taught in Matthew, Ch. 24 of the New Testament.

In that chapter of Matthew, Jesus informs us that the sun darkens. Why did Jesus give us this information? Clearly, Jesus did not tell us that He will return only a second time in order to save some people and take them into the final creation phase, which consist of a paradise for some people and a hell for other people. In the same chapter, Jesus tells us that we must know the meanings of signs. These signs are the laws of the stars and give man knowledge just as an olive tree knows the seasons. I conclude that Jesus taught the darkening of the sun so that we will learn that all life must eventually end on earth. Today, science knows that life on earth could last for a few billions years. So, I conclude that humans will not be leaving this earth soon. The pic is our buttery sun that feeds us.

Since the scientific proof of God informs me that God must appear in our world as a teacher, I conclude that God’s work in phase seven will beautify the universe, save us from the darkening of suns, and give us life after death. Further, if one understands how the spiritual atoms work together, one can conclude quickly that God can intervene into the laws of nature without changing them. Since the world of today is becoming ugly, I conclude that God’s intervention into this ugliness is already at work.

A special message is sent here to Judaism and Islam because the monotheism of God confirms the Christian Trinity. However, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit must be transformed into a scientific structure. This was accomplished in the 15th century by Nicholas of Cusa. I make use of Nicholas’ transformation so that I can connect God scientifically to the universe. This connection was necessary so that I was able to unify God and the universe rationally. As seen, some mysteries of the past are being eliminated.


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