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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Religious Mysteries Come and Go

In my hometown, Pine Grove, PA, going to a church every Sunday was an important event. By age 15, I had twelve years of perfect attendance, studied Jesus Christ, and became a member of a Lutheran church. After taking an academic course and gained honors in basketball in Pennsylvania, I enlisted in the Army Security Agency in 1947. After three years, I was discharged and began studies in physics at Gettysburg, a college of the Lutheran church. In the first year, I took a required course on the Life of Jesus Christ.

Since the Pennsylvania Power and Light company was interested in me as an employee, I left the field of physics to become an electrical engineer. At Johns Hopkins University (JHU), I earned a degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering. With this degree, I concluded that religious mysteries can be solved. With solutions, I say that new religious mysteries will come to us continuously but that old religious mysteries will be solved and go away. So, for the rest of my life, I treated religion as a science and religious mysteries as scientific ‘unknowns.’

I studied mysteries throughout my working career and continued these studies after retirement. In 2006, I decided that it was time to report my life’s work on the unification of Religion and Science. I reported this work in the book titled ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’

Today, I believe that at least one religion is beginning to break down the current separation between Religion and Science. This religion is the Catholic Church. To break this separation, Pope John Paul II apologized for Galileo’s imprisonment. The initial work of Pope Benedict seems to be a continuation of John Paul’s work. If other religions join this effort, I believe that all wars will be stopped and a permanent world peace will emerge.


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