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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Reminder to Use Symbols Precisely

Independent discoveries of widely accepted linguists in the 1920s say that "all empirical data are symbolic." In Part I of my book, I discuss this discovery and throughout the book stresses the importance of symbols in every field of thought. My recommendation is that all truth seekers should become very familiar with this discovery.

Giving names to objects as a child is a significant family event. Another significant event occurs when a parent begins to hear ‘why’ kind of questions from a child. Both are important events because the child’s mind is developing normally. If a parent does not experience these events, troubles with the development of a child can be expected and must be corrected immediately. Correct parenting and child development in the USA seems to be degenerating because AP tells us today that the reading abilities of US 4th graders are ranked at 19 out of 45 nations. Russia became the new leader.

This degeneration in the USA has causes. A few are as follows: the fall of the Union by laissez-faire capitalism, the rise of atheism, the development of a drug culture, the development of a ‘me generation,’ the development of a liberal class, the further division of religions, the increasing separation of the rich and poor classes, and the lack of developing precise symbolic languages.


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