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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Love You or I Do Not Love You: A False Logical Thought

On Monday (11/19/2007), The Bachelor of ABC-TV told the last two competing ladies that he does not love either of them. Both ladies were deeply hurt and thought that The Bachelor’s decision was not sensible. I believe that The Bachelor’s decision was sensible only to him because he knows the concept ‘love’ only as a logical (either/or) construct. This way of knowing love is possible in the USA because the ugly English language is filled with either/or concepts, which have their origin in the logic of Aristotle. The two ladies seemed to possess different knowledge of the concept of love. Based on their knowledge of love, the concept of love is a variable, which can both increase and decrease. So, they viewed love as something that can grow, but also decay, over time.

This TV incident shows that the American life is being confused by the ugly English language and its false logical concepts. The thinking of some Americans, especially the US logicians, must be corrected.


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