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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Minds of All Men are Created Equal

If a person asks ‘why’ kind of questions about the teachings of Jesus Christ, a person might remember that he or she asked such questions as a child. As a child, a person asks ‘why’ questions after objects in the home or the yard were distinguished and named. Once named, the child was ready to ask deeper questions. The teachings of Christ tell us why we must develop our minds. This is the way Christ saved many humans over the last two thousands of years.

However, our minds are not like the minds of the lower animals such as a horse, a dog, and a bee. Our minds are different because our minds can answer ‘ why’ kinds of questions. The lower animals cannot answer ‘why’ questions and cannot debate with us. This is why we have dominion over all lower animals. Accordingly, I assert that the minds of all Men are created equal is a true statement.

This statement is contrary to the beliefs of evolutionists and biologists, who say that the mind is not created. Instead, they say that the mind comes from the brain. Since the brain is not identical in all people, the evolutionists and biologists conclude that the minds of people are not equal. This inequality in the human species supports people who believe in racism and slavery.

Scientists should not accept the evolutionary theory of evolutionists and biologists. If scientists do not accept this theory, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health have the authority to fund studies on my assertion above. If this assertion is proven scientifically, God’s intelligent design of the creation and my proof of God are confirmed.


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