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Saturday, November 03, 2007

With Spiritual Atoms, My New Christianity Agrees With Mind-Body Thinkers in the New Thoughts and New Age movements

Spiritual atoms are used in my new Christianity. See Part IV of my book. The current thinking of many physical scientists says that the energy of the universe and its atoms originate from an exploding Big Bang physical particle. I reject this thinking because my spiritual atoms are energetic and originate from God.

All of my spiritual atoms begin as an infinite set of true atoms. These true atoms were conceived by Gottfried Leibniz. See Leibniz’s true atoms in "Leibniz: Monadology and Other Philosophical Essays" by Paul and Anne Schrecker (Bobbs-Merrill). The spiritual atoms are created by God. To understand the creation of an infinite and monotheistic God, I had to recognize that God’s idea of the creation must be contracted so that my mind would be able to distinguish the intelligent design of the creation from God’s wisdom. Nicholas of Cusa taught me how to recognize contraction processes. With this help, my mind recognized the contraction process of God’s idea of the creation only after I recognized the logical relation exists between God and the creation. When I recognized this logical relation, I found that (1) the universe has a plurality of things, (2) that all of these things are finite, (3) that all of these things are functionally related, and (4) that all of these things are energetic, as defined by Einstein’s famous equation, E = mc2.

A Goggle search on spiritual atoms will reveal the thoughts of other people. (click). More information can also be found on a pic website. (click) Click on these pics, including the pics of Leibniz. Also click on the pic on the right of an atom in motion and read the material on spiritualism.

In Part III of my book, I discuss the history of the development of atoms by our physical scientists. They did find the chemical atoms such as hydrogen, oxygen, ... etc. However, they also found that the chemical atoms are partible and can be parted by atom smashers. But, these smashers have never found any completely free physical particle. Instead, they found that a physical particle can approach freedom only asymptotically (Yang-Mills theory). This implies that the universe cannot be reduced to physical atoms. Thus, the new US generation of physical scientists and atheists seem to be wasting their research funds on godless research projects.

Currently, I am expanding my readings of people in the New Thoughts (click) and New Age (click) movements. My first reading is the "Atom Smashing Power of the Mind" ($11.66) by Charles Fillmore (1854-1948). He and his wife were the US founders of the New Thought movement. Christians should be interested in Fillmore’s discussions on the teachings of Jesus Christ on the power of the human mind. Certainly, a very big change must be made soon in the fields of science, theology, and religion.


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