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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why My New Christianity Is the Truest Religion in the World Today, V

In my last blog, I showed that one can use the eye of the mind to see the monotheistic God. By using my mind, I also found that a monotheistic God is indeed the greatest thing-in-itself. However, the ‘eye of my mind’ is only my mind. However, one notices that the human mind is being defined two different ways. These different ways separate the believers in God from the nonbelievers. I am one of the believers and the nonbelievers are known as atheists.

Basically, all believers say that the human mind is a thing-in-itself. Since it is not a physical thing, it is known as a spirit. On the other hand, nonbelievers say that the human mind is a shadow of the brain. This shadow, because it is caused by the brain, is not a thing-in-itself. Clearly, these two different views of the mind can never be equated or become an identity. Thus, only one of these two views is true.

The emergence of modern science was caused by the development of the ‘scientific method of proof‘ during the Renaissance. This method has two steps--- discovery and demonstration. Discovery occurs when phenomena have been found. Demonstration occurs when a theory explains the phenomena. When I demonstrated that all finite things are caused by an infinite thing, all atheists immediately rejected my book in which I proof that God causes all finite things. By rejecting my proof of God atheists are thus denying the scientific method of proof!!!! Instead, they believe that phenomena and empirical facts are sufficient truths. However, this kind og truth does not consider the problem of our symbolic languages. Further, atheists seem to be rejecting the whole field of science because they are unable to find scientific proofs of the big bang theory, the string theory, Darwin’s evolution theory, and the shadow theory of the human mind.

In my 10/11/07 blog, I prove scientifically that the USA was founded as a nation under God. Thus, US citizens cannot practice atheism legally. Today’s rise of atheism in Hollywood, business and industry, liberal political party, ... etc. is developing a class of un-American and anti-patriotic citizens. This rise is also leading to a complete failure of the field of science. Wake-up believers.


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