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Monday, October 15, 2007

Life After Death

Before I discuss new information on spiritual atoms and discuss why Science and Theology are really the same field of thought of the human mind, I must discuss the life after death of my late wife, Evelyn. This death is evidence that reincarnation is true and that the religious teaching of life after death in either Heaven or Hell is false.

In 1999, Evelyn passed on due to brain cancer. After her death I found evidence that she quietly developed negative ideas in her mind. Thus, as a thing-in-herself, the positive contents of her ‘self’ were being diluted with these negative ideas. To her, the world had become confused. For instance, she wanted to change our 40-year checking account to a different bank. I told her that I would write our checks after I saw her bad signature on the latest check. A severe headache appeared in October 1998 and she was diagnosed with the rare glioblastoma tumor. Today, I conclude that her tumor was caused by the dilution of the positive ideas of her mind with negative ideas. So, I conclude that it is necessary for all humans to develop beliefs about God, that is, only true positive beliefs about God. And I also conclude that the FDA and the National Institutes of Health must go beyond surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy on the cancer problem.

Six months after Evelyn was diagnosed, she passed on and was cremated. Her death was highly ordered because her systems of life shut down sequentially. In one day, her body motion stopped. On the second day, her arms stopped and later her eyes stopped. Her feelings were responding to my feelings until her eyes stopped. On the morning of the third day, her breathing system changed drastically. When this occurred, the nurse told me that she would pass on that day and did that evening.

Since I believe that each spiritual atom is the ‘self’ of every thing created by God, I conclude that spiritual atoms cannot be destroyed by nature. For this reason, I believe that Evelyn is living today somewhere. This is why I work hard to change the way humans live today on planet earth. For instance, I do not believe that a child should be aborted. I also do not believe in wars, terrorism, greed, murder, irrational human accidents, poverty, political parties, ownership of land and natural resources. ... etc. I do not believe in these forms of life because death and reincarnation cannot be stopped by us.


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