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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Expanding Our View of ‘Knowing Thyself’

In yesterday’s blog, I showed that Jesus Christ teaches us to know ourselves. This teaching tells us that our mind is a very special thing-in-itself because it is able to know itself by knowing other things-in-themselves. So, our mind is a spiritual container that can contain knowledge of ‘all’ other things-in-themselves. However, a spiritual container is not like a drinking glass that can contain water. How does a spiritual container contain knowledge?

On the left pic, I show that when two geometrical lines begin and intersect, a geometrical point appears. On the left pic, I show that when two geometrical lines begin and intersect in a two-dimensional geometrical world, a geometrical point appears in that world at the point x = -2 and y = + 1. Geometrical points can be contained by our spiritual minds because geometrical points are infinitesimal in size. With God’s acts, God’s infinity is contracted, by plurality and finitude. This contraction forms many finite fields of intersecting lines, which form the things-in-themselves.

As seen, our minds can actually contain an infinite number of geometrical points, which appear as a result of an infinite number of intersecting lines. So a spiritual container and a physical container are very different. This difference allows our minds to contain knowledge.

Since no two geometrical points are identical, all spirits are different. Having the attribute of ‘difference’ means that spirits must be created. Thus, we must conclude that God is the Spirit of all created spirits. In Part IV of my book, I refer to these spirits as ‘spiritual atoms.’ The spiritual atoms are the atoms of the universe. Because our minds must measure all other things-in-themselves, our minds are the first spiritual atoms that God unfolds. Our minds form a subset of the set of all spiritual atoms. But, an infinite number of such subsets are unfolded sequentially by God to form all other things-in-themselves.

Obviously, knowing ourselves is a very big task. This is why our progress is always slow and difficult. Because of this slowness and difficulty, humans must learn how to live together peacefully. Unfortunately, the organizations of humans are flawed today and must be changed so that all humans can learn to ‘know themselves.’.


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