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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Recognizing Things-in-Themselves in Political Science

I view political science as one of the many life sciences that help us understand the life that God gave us. Although humans are free to live alone, the land available on planet earth for living alone is hard to find. So, a secured human life is possible today only in nations that secure its people with laws, law enforcement/justice, and a military force.

The founders of the USA were intelligent nation-builders and agreed with social contract theory of England’s John Locke. Thus, our founders recognized that a modern republic requires two things-in-themselves. Locke called them ‘society’ and ‘government.’ Following Locke’s theory, our founders distinguished and defined these two things-in-themselves respectively by preparing the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation/Constitution. Thus, two founding laws exist in the USA.

The Declaration defines, and also names, Locke’s ‘society’ with the title and first two paragraphs. The Declaration also authorized the Revolutionary War with the remaining paragraphs. So, the Revolutionary War was caused legally, that is, by Locke’s ‘society.’ However, Locke’s society must also cause Locke’s ‘government’ because ‘government’ cannot cause itself. Locke’s ‘government’ was formed (and made more perfect) by representatives of Locke’s society. These representatives prepared respectively the Articles of Confederation (1778) and the Constitution (1787).

Today, the US Supreme Court still does not accept the Declaration as a law of the land. Thus, the current judges of the US Supreme Court must be impeached and replaced by judges who do understand that Locke’s society, not Locke’s government, is sovereign and that the USA was founded as a nation under God.

I believe that the Iraq War would have ended long ago if the US government had the Iraq leaders prepare a ‘declaration of Independence’ before a ‘constitution’ was prepared. Apparently, our elected officials are not skilled nation-builders.


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