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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things-in-Themselves Cannot Be Known Without Sensations and a Self-Developing Mind

One of the things-in-themselves is the human mind. Good believers in God, such as Nicholas of Cusa, say that the mind is the first thing unfolded by God because man must measure all other things. In my book, my mind says that all things are originated by an infinite thing, which is an attribute of God who unifies all opposites. So, in my mind, one will find a mental image of God, mental images of all opposites I know, and mental images of the finite things I know.

But, atheists, evolutionists, logicians, Marxists, etc., say that sensations are images of the eternal world. They say that these images exist in our brain and exist also in our mind, since they view mind as a shadow of the brain. Clearly, sensations cannot develop knowledge about things-in-themselves unless mind is an independent thing, self-develops its contents, and refutes this atheistic theory of sensations, brain, and mind. Since this atheistic theory is popular in the physical and life sciences, we can see why many Americans have found no reason to develop dialectical thinking and knowledge of opposites such as beginning/ending, true/false, identity/difference, one/many, light/dark, .....etc. Using my own independent mind, I cannot assemble any lines of reasoning in my mind that can confirm this silly atheistic theory of sensations, brain, and mind.

Unless physical and life scientists reconsider God, accept my proof of God, develop dialectical reasoning, and reject the atheistic theory of mind above, I believe that medical care will be limited eventually to mechanical procedures such as surgery. It is time to deal with and solve the really tough medical problems, such as cancer, diabetes, autism, mental illness, etc., differently.


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