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Sunday, September 23, 2007

I Am Also a Hegelian

I have studied the works of Friedrich Hegel far enough to say that his work is aligned to the work of the major personalities I discuss in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. This means that my book is not awful, as atheists say in their book reviews of my book on Instead, my book will become a very important tool for the intellectual people in all nations.

The key to this alignment is the method of dialectical thinking used by all but one of the modern personalities I use. The exception is the mathematical work of Georg Cantor on transfinite numbers. Thus, since American scientists are not trained in dialectical thinking, a major effort must be made by the US government to retrain those current scientists who want to be retrained and to train all new scientists properly. At the same time, all Western religions must adapt to the newness I bring with Hegel and my book.

Although I view Hegel’s work as a connection to the work of Nicholas of Cusa, the writings of Hegel do not tell the reader of this connection. I believe that Hegel does not make this connection so that potential problems between the Protestant and Catholic churches are minimized. Since my book discusses the work of Nicholas, the reader of my book will recognize immediately the connections between Nicholas and Hegel. The book "Hegel: The Essential Writings by Frederick G. Weiss" is thus recommended by me.

Essentially, science has become lost today because its scientists are not developing the human mind with dialectics. This is why I have spoken often about ‘the ugly English language’ on my website. To hold on to something as they move into the unknown, modern scientists accepted empiricism and rejected with metaphysics. But as I said in Part I of my book, there was no winner between the empiricists and the rationalists at the time of Kant. Kant could not reconcile them because the meanings of Aristotle’s categories were not developed dialectically. However, today’s scientists did not take heed to the announcement in Part I of my book on the linguistic discovery in the 1920s. This discovery says ‘that sensual data are primarily symbolic.’ The discoveries of many laws of physics already are thus not mysteries.

Mind is not an image of sensations. Like all things, the mind is a thing in itself. As I say, the mind is the first thing unfolded by God so that it can measure all other things. So, my use of spiritual atoms is appropriate. Mind begins to develop and seeks the goal of pure reasoning by continually refuting negative or bad reasoning. This goal has no end because the opposites --- beginning and ending --- coincide in God. For the same reason, we cannot create or destroy energy.


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