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Monday, September 17, 2007

What Becomes First, the Chicken or the Egg?

People who do not consider God in their thoughts say that this question cannot be answered. However, people who do believe in God can answer such questions. If one believes in God, that person says that God creates all things in the universes based on an intelligent design. Since this intelligent design must define all wholes before creation occurs, wholes must exist actuality prior to its parts. Since the chicken egg is a part of the chicken, it is clear that the chicken must exist actually in God before the egg exists.

Recently, I listened to a discussion on a research project that dealt with the relation between human loneliness and specific physical sicknesses. The research personnel pointed out that these two human problems are related. But, they did not identify whether loneliness or these physical sicknesses came first. I believe that the cause and effect of these two factors can be determined eventually.

In my book, I deal with the cause of crime. Knowing that mind is a part of a human whole, I concluded that a criminal mind is made by the criminal. This means that criminals are not born. Since a human mind is made by using symbolic languages, I concluded that criminals are made by the symbolic languages that criminals use. Although mind is prior to the development of a person’s languages, the causes of crime are the developments of a person’s mind and the flawed symbolic languages a person uses.

For over a year, logicians and physicists have rejected my book and the scientific statement ‘all finite things are originated by an infinite thing.’ Their rejection is based on their theory that all finite things, including all living things, are originated by a finite and energetic physical particle. However, their theory cannot be proven or falsified.

It is illogical to say that all finite things must be originated by one of the finite things, the energetic physical particle. However, it is logical to say that all finite things must be originated by something that is not finite. This not finite thing must also be real (or positive). This real thing is God, not because God’s infinity creates the finitude in all finite things. This real thing is God also because God is the coincidence of all opposites and creates all finite things with many qualities other than the quality, finitude. Since all finite things are parts of the universe and God is not partible, it is clear that God created the universe and created all things in the universe out of nothing.

As seen, the proof of God by me is not differennt than proving any scientific theory.


  • At 12:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You talk a lot about how God "creates" "things".

    You never mention that all these "things", especially biological forms, inevitably disintegrate and die. Or indeed that all biological forms are patterned by their genetic structure to disintegrate and die.

    Perhaps death rules to here instead?

    Until and unless one really truly understands the meaning and significance of death everything one does, including ones philosophy and theology, is darkened by a hell deep fear and trembling.

    Indeed all of the usual philosophy is an attempt to account for the overwhelming fact of death.

    Nevertheless death wins every time until Understanding Awakens one to the inerent Radiance of Being-Existence.

  • At 9:53 AM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    respond to Anonymous who said...
    You talk a lot about how God "creates" "things".

    You never mention that all these "things", ......

    If you read my book, you wiill find that all created things have life. I distinguish confused perceiving things from unconfused perceiving things. This way I can I call the confused things as "noliving things" because they cannot perceive. And then I can call the unconfusedf things as living things because they can perceive.

    Thus, all created things will begin and end, rebegin and reend, etc. The spiritual atoms, which form all nonliving and living things, are immortal.

    Reincarnation thus applies to all created things.



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