Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


As I mentioned in my last blog, the Marxists say that man cannot know the essences of things. If one watches a child touch objects and asks Mother for its name, one might conclude that the Marxists know this hidden truth. Yet, today’s atheistic scientists are hoping to find these essences by defining ‘matter’ as the stuff that underlies all things in the universe. But, the ancient Atomists failed. John Locke’s physical atoms were never found. And Ernst Mach’s elements were never found. The latest atheistic effort to define matter with string theories is also failing. It is thus becoming clear that any mathematical and scientific research, which does not consider a creator God, is doomed to failure.

If one considers a creator God, things-in-themselves must become the target of mathematical and scientific thoughts. For instance, can’t we harness the energy in things-in-themselves such as hurricanes, lightening, and tornados, be more important to humans than trying to define a ‘spiritual matter,’ which, by necessity, must underlie all things-in-themselves? In my book on the proof of God, I say that real matter of the universe is spiritual. I refer to this matter as ‘spiritual atoms.’ But, just as sensations are neither true nor false, spiritual matter is also neither true nor false. Thus, truths and falsities or knowledge will be found only in things-in-themselves.

If all things-in-themselves are finite, I say in my book that a creator God must be infinite, must be perfect, and must unify all opposites. So, the universe was created based on an intelligent design. This intelligent design is thus a design of many independent and imperfect things-in-themselves. Since all things-in-themselves are independent and imperfect, every thing -in-itself has both ‘necessary’ and ‘contingent’ contents. Accordingly, we can say that every thing-in-itself will have positive and negative contents. Our function in the universe is to think dialectically (continually refute and assert) so that we can distinguish and manage the positives and negatives associated with our lives. This is how cancer and all other medical problems can be managed properly. Our mind is thus a perfecting thing-in-itself and is not a shadow of the brain.

So, I urge people to stop living as if the world was coming to an end. Instead, people must turn to God and to the real life that God gave us.


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