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Friday, September 28, 2007

Things-in-Themselves That Have a Beginning, Middle, and End

Logical opposites have been used for thousands of years and are spoken today as ‘excluded middle opposites’ or ‘either/or opposites.’ Two new forms of opposites emerged with the modern world. One form is known as thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. This form is used to search for higher ideas when the thesis and antithesis coexist. The second form is becoming known as ‘included middle opposites.’ For instance, the ‘temperature’ of a thing-in-itself had only two symbols, hot/cold. As time passed, other symbols, such as warm, cool, and tepid, were added in the ‘middle’, that is, in between the hot/cold opposites. Today, the temperature of a thing-in-itself is numbered with a thermometer.

With the fall of empires and the rise of free nations and their sub-organizations, included middle opposites are starting to define and discuss the new symbol known as ‘development.’ To the pair of opposites, beginning/end, a middle region was added. To my knowledge, the beginning-middle-end was used first by Germany’s Friedrich Hegel. The next personality was Karl Marx. To them, development applies to ‘organized things-in-themselves.’

Hegel and Marx became very different because Hegel follows Plato and thus distinguishes an absolute thing-in-itself (God) from all relativistic things-in-themselves in the universe. On the other hand, Marx follows Heraclitus and the godless philosophy of relativism. Since Marx is without a god who can unify all opposites, I do not know how Marx can use dialectical thinking to identify the unchanging opposites.

However, Hegel and Marx seem to agree that negation is the engine of development. Thus, in all things-in-themselves, one will find a series of ‘moments’ (or phases) of development. For instance, in a rose, development is initiated and produces buds. Then, the production of the bud is negated so that blooms are produced. Then, the blooms are negated so that seeds are produced. Every human develops the same way.

Since the development of things-in-themselves are producing new phenomena in the universe continually, it is wrong to say that man’s mind is an image of phenomenally-generated sensations of our brain. Atheism cannot be true. In Chapter 24 of Matthew (KJV of the Bible), Jesus Christ tells us that ’development’ is found in the fig tree (see verse 32). In verse 33, Jesus says that our knowledge of the fig tree will help us learn how the sun darkens.


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