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Friday, October 05, 2007

Social Impacts As a Result of Not Developing Knowledge About Things-in-Themselves

Both Science and Religion have become confused by not developing knowledge about things-in-themselves. Yet, to know the world in which we live and why we are here, I argue that we must know all possible things-in-themselves.

Science has found and developed data, specifically about many physical processes. Scientists have placed these data in books, which can be taught at the schools. With these data, they have unified people and nations throughout the world. For example, they found that water will boil at 100 degrees centigrade and will become a solid at 0 degrees centigrade. These data are the same in all nations. But, these findings are not telling scientists any knowledge about the world in which we exist. Nor do they tell them why we are here.

Religion has also found and developed data, specifically about God and God’s creation. Religious persons have placed these data in scriptures, and others are teaching the scriptures at churches, temples, and mosques. However, with these data, people are not being unified as a nation under a monotheistic God. Instead, religions are dividing people worldwide. Unfortunately, these divisions are causing new wars. These wars are seeking earth’s natural resources and land, not truths about God, our world, and our purpose.. Religious people know very little about God and the world in which we exist. Nor do they know why we are here.

Today, Science and Religion do not talk with each other, especially in those nations that separate State and Religion. They do not talk even though they both seek truths on similar questions. The USA in one of those nations. However, in the USA, State was also separated from God by the US Supreme Court, even though the Declaration of Independence authorized both the Revolutionary War and God. So, the US Supreme Court has made a very big error.

Science and Religion are failing to answer common questions (1) about God, (2) about the world we exist, and (3) about the reason we are here. The failure to answer such questions explain the existence of many social problem we see in the world today. Yet, the answers to these common questions will be found in my book, on this website, and in the work of Friedrich Hegel on the phenomena of Spirits.


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