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Monday, October 08, 2007

The American Mind Is Not Developing Properly

Contrary to the belief that the human mind is a shadow of the brain, I argue that the human mind is a thing-in-itself. As a thing-in-itself, our mind is able to know itself. It knows itself by knowing the truths about all other things-in-themselves. These other things-in-themselves include (1) God and (2) all other finite things-in-themselves in the universe. Because our mind is a spiritual thing, it can become an image of any of these other things-in-themselves. Its images are created by conceiving the truths of these other things with the two truth-seeking symbolic languages known as ‘scientific’ languages and ‘talk’ languages.

The scientific language should not differ from nation to nation. But, sciences can differ because the ‘talk’ languages’ among nations differ. Obviously, different scientific languages and different talk languages can cause undesirable cultural problems. Thus, all nations must seek a single scientific language and a single talk language.

In the USA, the common talk language is the English language. I refer to the English language as an ugly language because its symbols and their meanings were developed with Aristotle’s logic rather than Plato’s dialectical thinking. The English language was chosen over the German language. The German language is developing with dialectical reasoning. Because of this bad choice, the American mind does not reason dialectically. The emphasis on logic causes many poor decisions in the USA.

An example of a poor decision in the USA is the application of "laissez-faire capitalism" for the free people of the USA. This decision was made because American economists assumed that the "social capitalism" of the Soviet Union economy denies freedom completely. A dialectician would view absolute freedom as an attribute only to God. The freedom of any finite thing would be ‘relative.’ With this view, laissez-faire capitalism and social capitalism can coexist as the thesis and antithesis of a synthesis (a higher economic idea). The higher economic idea would cause an economy to produce both laissez-faire and social productions. I discuss this new economic system, which applies to all nations, in Part IV of my book. Interestingly, had the US leaders been able to think dialectically after WWII, the cold war between the Soviet Union and the USA could have been avoided.

The ugly English language causes many Americans to be unable to understand ‘both/and’ reasoning. For this reason, such Americans can only understand ‘either/or’ reasoning. But, either/or reasoning tends to deny the development of a futuristic aspect of the human mind. I believe that this is why some Americans have lost God. A person’s life does not end with death.


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