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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Religious Prophets Are Today’s Philosophers and Scientists

The discovery of new truths about a monotheistic God by modern philosophers and scientists are correcting the teachings of today’s religions. One discovery is the new truth about God’s infinity. Specifically, in the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa spoke of the new infinity as ‘the infinite qua infinite’ beyond all finite things. In the 19th century, Friedrich Hegel called it ‘the ‘Absolute’ beyond all relative things and Georg Cantor called it ‘the genuine infinity’ beyond all bad infinities. In the 21st century, I call it ‘the determinate infinite’ beyond all indeterminate infinities.

Today’s true infinity of God requires me to correct the meaning of the past use of the symbol ‘prophet.’ But, I believe that Paul had already taught a new meaning to the symbol ‘prophesying’ in I Thessalonians. In his teaching, the development of prophesies and proofs apply to all humans. At Paul’s time, a ‘prophet’ was any person who seeks truths. Thus, to Paul, a prophet is not a person who is communicating with God or a person who is communicating with God through a mediator.

Today, we know the exact difference between the symbols, infinite and finite. So, today we know that a bridge exists between an infinite God and all finite things. This bridge cannot be crossed by any finite thing. If such a crossing was possible, a finite thing could be transformed into an infinite thing and a finite thing could become God. Such a crossing must be refuted. However, I wondered whether God can cross this bridge.

My answer to this wonderment is ‘yes.’ I discuss my conclusion in Part IIb of my book. I concluded that God and man can communicate two ways. In the first way, God gives man the ability to know all of his created things. In the second way, God crosses this bridge. If God crossed the bridge, one must conclude that God is both ‘creator and creature.’ This means that God is both Father and Son. My studies of the Old and New Testaments indicate that only the New Testament contains divine teachings. A divine teaching is a teaching that appears thousands of years before man can make a theory about that teaching. For example, the teachings of Jesus Christ about the darkening of the sun (Matthew, Ch. 24) is about 1500 years before man develops theories and knowledge about the sun and its life. Another example is Jesus’ teaching of the cause of evilness (Mark 7: 15-23). The cause is the human mind (the thing within us). Our criminologists have still not offered this theory. So, I have offered this theory in Part IIb my book.

We don’t hear about new prophets today because the ancient prophets did not exist. Prophets are falsities and are merely fabrications of religions. Past prophets are known today as philosophers and scientists.


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