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Friday, October 26, 2007

Why My New Christianity Is the Truest Religion in the World Today, IV

As I showed in yesterday’s blog, panentheism is a new truth of a monotheistic God whose infinity is determinate. For a recent book on panentheism, (click) I review this recent book. (click and scroll) On page 9 of my book, I compare panentheism with the current meanings of pantheism, deism, and theism. The recent book above says that thirteen different positions are offered on panentheism. So panentheism is still under development by theologians.

My panentheism uses dialectical thinking. For instance, Nicholas of Cusa investigated the symbol ‘greatest.’ Nicholas shows us that a greatest thing-in-itself, because it cannot be greater or less, is both absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum. This finding tell us that a greatest thing unifies all opposites. All other things-in-themselves, because they do not unify any opposites, must exist in between this greatest thing-in-itself. This region of other things, if they exist, is thus logically opposed to the region of the greatest thing. Thus, if the greatest thing exists, we might find two distinct regions of thought and existence. These two distinct regions are known today dialectically as the‘absolute’ region and the ‘relative’ region.

If any person looks outwardly, one will sense phenomena from those other things that exist in the relative region. All of these phenomena are limited. Because of their limits, all things in the relative region are said to be finite. However, if any person looks outwardly, one will not sense phenomena from the greatest thing-in-itself. Because the greatest thing-in-itself cannot be senses, some people say that a greatest thing-in-itself does not exist. However, other people say that they can see the greatest thing-in-itself with the ‘eye of their minds.’ I am one of these persons.

The eye of my mind sees the greatest thing-in-itself with dialectical thinking. First, I used the eye of my mind to recognize that the many finite things do exist in the relative region. Second, my mind inquired into the origin of all of these finite things. I rejected the contradictory statement that "all finite things can be originated by a finite thing." I thus concluded that all finite things in the relative region can be originated only by thing which is not finite. My answer to the origination of all finite things in the relative region is the symbol ‘not finite.’ Today, this symbol is expressed using the symbol ‘infinite.’

For thousands of years, people have given the symbol ‘infinite’ many different meanings. I gave this symbol its meaning using dialectical thinking. To me, the symbol ‘infinite’ is the opposite of the symbol ‘finite.’ Both are determinate symbols and define each other. So, if finite things exist, they originate from an infinite thing. This infinite thing exists in the absolute region, the region in which only one thing can exist. This is the true science of God. Today, all sciences can be challenged.

Dialectical thinking is new to English speaking nations. This is why many Americans, especially atheists, are unable to understand me and my scientific proof of God.


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