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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why My New Christianity Is the Truest Religion in the World Today, II

In yesterday’s blog, I began to show why my new Christianity is the truest religion in the world today. This blog will continue this show by expanding my view of God’s identity.

In 325 AD, Christians discussed two teachings of Jesus Christ. At John 10:30, Jesus says, I and my Father are one. And at John 10:36, Jesus says, I am the Son of God, These teachings express God’s identity as the "Father and Son." Then, in 381 AD, the Christian Trinity was expressed when the Holy Spirit unified the ‘Father and Son’ absolutely. The absolute union of the Holy Spirit makes the Father and Son a rational identity. This absolute union is confirmed at John 10:38 where Jesus says, the Father is in me and I in him. This saying does not mean that the Father and Son are like empty containers that can be filled. Instead, this saying means that the Father and Son are functionally related. Thus, Father functions ‘this way,’ Son functions ‘that way,’ and created things, which are made out of nothing, function ‘other ways.’ Thus, in 381 AD, Christians began to speak of a monotheistic God as ‘Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.’

However, in the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa showed that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can be expressed scientifically as One-Equality-Union. Then, in my book, I connect Nicholas’ scientific Trinity logically to a created universe so that a monotheistic God is distinguished precisely from the universe. With logic, the oneness of the universe can be defined as one thing, which has many-inequality-relations. The word, many, of the universe means that many things will be found in the universe. The word, inequality, of the universe means that only differences will be found in the universe. And, the word, relations, of the universe means that the oneness of the universe will be found in the functional relations of man-different-related things.

To my knowledge, the oneness of the Christian Trinity and a created universe have never been defined scientifically before.


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