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Saturday, October 20, 2007

My View of the Immediate Future of the United States and the World

Too many new things are happening for any futuristic to make any sound predictions of the future of the United States and the world. Let me identify only three potential happenings.

First, US politics are changing from the politics of the left and politics of the right because both parties cannot develop widely-accepted principles of the life of ‘all people’ in the USA.’ Clearly, thee parties are confused because ‘the people’ of the USA are not identifying these principles. As Plato says, the leaders follow their people. So, the people of the US might be highly confused today on the long term principles of life. Thus, a third and fourth party might develop in the USA. One is by the Republican party, which has no clear principled leader. The second is the old party of Unionists, which has no clear principled leader yet. Both of these parties could emerge because no widely-accepted principled candidates for the White House exist in the Democratic and Republican parties. The absence of widely-principled candidates seems to exist because the US Supreme Court has expanded its function by becoming a legislating/judging branch of the federal government.

Second, the field of science is failing and has not been very successful ever since the landing on the moon. I say that today's science is failing because (1) atheism has risen in the USA since 1967 and (2) Science and God (Theology) are not unified as a single field of thought. Since the USA is a world leader in the field of science, the institution of US science is causing the fall of science worldwide. Since world population growth expanded due to the growth of science during WWII and after the US landing on the moon, this past population growth cannot be sustained by the latest failure of science. So, I expect many wars to occur over depleting natural resources. Since the minds of many scientists are closed to God today, many years must pass before (1) these minds will be opened, (2) these ugly wars can be stopped and (3) scientists and the higher levels of schools turn to God.

Third, the field of religion will change radically by teaching God, the universe, and life by teaching knowledge that is found beyond their scriptures. However, this change will not occur until the fields of politics and science recognize that God does exist, that God creates all things in the universe out of nothing, and that life in the universe continues forever. When politics, science and religious develop harmony, the life of all humans on this planet will become very beautiful.


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