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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Many US Citizens Do Not Know the History of the Founding of the United States of America

I have concluded that the newest generation of US citizens are unaware of the history of the founding and the founding documents of the United States of America. The unawareness of this generation is attempting to turn the United States into a nation without God. So I took the liberty to teach this history to them with three blogs.

The first teaching is my August 2, 2007 blog on "The Declaration of Independence and the New 1776 Political Experiment." The second teaching is my October 11, 2007 blog on "Proving Scientifically That the USA Is a Nation Under God.:" The third teaching is my October 17, 2007 blog on "Unifying State and Theology and Maintaining the Separation of State and Religion in the USA."

These three teaching have also been sent to President Bush, Chief Justice Roberts, Senator Robert Byrd, Senator John Rockefeller II, and Congresswoman Shelley Capito. In these communications, I recommend major reforms immediately to the US government.


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