Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why My New Christianity Is the Truest Religion in the World Today, III

In yesterday’s blog, I show more information about my new Christianity. This new information shows how the human mind uses modern science to define the nature of a monotheistic God and connect God to a living universe scientifically. This scientific information is new because Western religions are not applying modern science and mathematics to theological thoughts and interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The exception is the Catholic Church, which has opened itself to modern science through its work on Nicholas of Cusa with the American Cusanus Society and its apology of Galileo’s imprisonment. Unless these other religions open their minds to modern science, I believe that only a New Christianity and the Catholic Church will exist in the long range.

The new information on panentheism says that all created things are the result of God acts to create them out of nothing. So, all created things are images of God and function in accordance with God’s intelligent design of them and their functional unity. For this reason, the universe is a living thing, even though it seemingly has nonliving and living things. Thus, while all created things perceive, not all created things are able to know.

Yesterday’s blog also shows that God functions two ways. One way, God functions as the Oneness (or the Father). This function acts to create all things. The second way, God functions as the Equality (or the Son). Since the Holy Spirit unifies these two functions, these functions become a reality only when God creates and the Son is unfolded as a divine creature. I concluded that second function is a teaching function so that man also develops knowing Sons. The function of the Son of man seems to be discussed by Jesus Christ in Matthew, Ch. 24.


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