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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why My New Christianity Is the Truest Religion in the World Today, VII

In yesterday’s blog, I discussed the shift of the field of physics and the US Supreme Court away from God respectively in the 1970s and in 1967. I conclude that both shifts were undeclarational and unconstitutional. I also conclude that both shifts have caused many new and unwanted human problems. In this blog, I show that the fields of theology and religion have contributed greatly to these new and unwanted human problems.

The fields of theology and religion became the cause of new human problems during the Renaissance, after Plato’s writings were given to the Western by Eastern Christians and Renaissance thinkers developed the two-step scientific method of proof. This new method of proof challenged (1) the infallibility of the Pope and (2) biblical proofs. These challenges led to the unbelievable human act of burning people at the stake (e.g., Giordano Bruno, et al), the Reformation, and the separation of Science from Theology and Religion. Since this separation continues today, new and unwanted human problems continue to appear.

Today, this separation is aggravated by the highly questionable beliefs of Science, Theology, and Religion. Such beliefs say that our world ends. Science believes that the world is godless and must end naturally. Theology and Religion believe that the world ends but also believe that all believers will be saved by God.

My new Christianity concludes that the world of a monotheistic God has no end. This endless world means that death is a process of ‘passing on’ to a newer life. Since God and his creation have no ends, all truths are either absolute or relative. Only one absolute truth exists. This truth expresses the existence of a monotheistic God. This absolute truth and all relative truths are sought only by humans. Some relative truths will express the truths of created things. Other relative truths will express the truths of God’s intelligent design of the creation. All truths must be expressed by statements. Some of these statements can be completed and will never change. For instance, any truth statement of God’s existence will never change. Some truth statements about created things will also never change. Such statements are about ‘irreducible things in God’s intelligent design.’ On the other hand, other truth statements about created things can only be improved. For instance, human consciousness cannot be completed because it grows forever.

Unless Science, Theology, and Religion begin to respect each other and begin to work together, I conclude the growth of human problems can never be solved and reduced.


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