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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some Recent Conclusions About My New Christianity

Based on the blogs I prepared on my new Christianity beginning on 10/23/07, I have made some important conclusions. For instance, these blogs show that the five people, who made book reviews of my book (The First Scientific Proof of God) on, express ignorance of God and the contents of my book. Also, logicians and atheists, who commented on my blogging effort over the last 15 months, express ignorance of God and do not comprehend my blogs. This ignorance seems to come from the beliefs (1) that all energy in our world comes from Nature, rather from God, and (2) that the mind is developed by the brain rather than by itself.

This ignorance might originate from the Greek word genea, which is translated as ‘generation.’ To Moses and the Greeks, a generation is millions of years rather than the thirty or so years used by biologists. So, the human mind develops over many lives. To maintain life over millions of, reincarnation must be a necessary part of life. Since the mind develops itself over millions of years, people must be reincarnated.

In the USA, the long range development of the human mind separate those people who build their minds spiritually from those people who do not. I chose to teach my book and discuss my new Christianity to help this development. Thus, I assert that the spiritual development of the mind of believers in God will always grow whereas the lack of developing spiritual minds by non believers in God will decrease continually. The early growth of a spiritual mind might explain the stories of Atlantis and other advancing spiritual cultures, sush as the Mayan culture.


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