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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mind-Body Relations

When reading his book on the Atom Smashing Power of Mind, I noticed that Charles Fillmore discusses the relations between the human mind and its body. He speaks of this relation as a harmony. Thus, he says that bodily diseases and imperfections are the result of negative thoughts such as anger, revenge, jealousy, fear, impurity, etc. and that bodily health and perfections are the result of positive thoughts such as love, courage, peace, strength, good will, etc. I agree with Fillmore adding that negative thoughts about God and the created things in the universe are the origin of cancer.

Fillmore thoughts on mind-body relation are in close agreement with the thoughts of Gottfried Leibniz found in his Monadology. There, Leibniz says that the soul is a self-acting entelechy. He says that the soul is more than a simple monad, which represents the whole universe. Leibniz says that the soul has its own laws and that the body has its own laws. So, Leibniz says that a ‘preestablished harmony’ exists between the soul and body of all animals.

I use Leibniz’s monads in my book. I call them spiritual atoms because they are the indivisible and immortal atoms of the universe and form all things to be found in the universe.

So, considerable agreements exist between Charles Fillmore and my thoughts on the relations between mind and body.


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