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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some Difference Between the Thoughts of Charles Fillmore and My Thoughts

In yesterday’s blog, I made the assertion that the minds of all Men are created equal. But, in Chapter XI of his book on the Atomic Smashing Power of Mind, Fillmore says that women have more abilities of intuition than men. In the same chapter (on p. 88), Fillmore also says that "mind is not language." Since we have differences on these two points, I will use this blog to show the cause of these differences.

In my book, I show that a monotheistic God unifies all opposites. This is a belief of Friedrich Hegel and Nicholas of Cusa. It is also a belief of the Jewish writer of Psalms, who says at Ps. 139: 12 that’ the darkness and light are both alike to thee.’ A God that unifies all opposites means that God is absolute and that created things are relative. Thus, in all created things, the concepts of darkness and light form a relation with each other.

All people must recognize that an infinite God creates a gap when he creates finite things. I recognized this gap in my thoughts and concluded that God and his creations are connected logically. This logical connection says, "what is found in our created world must be denied in God’s world and what is in God’s world must be denied in our created world." However, Fillmore establishes a relation between God’s infinite mind and our finite minds by allowing the human mind to tap into the pure mind of God to gain intuitions. An intuition is a fundamental form of knowledge that guides the development of human knowledge about God and the many things created by God.

Because a gap is formed by a monotheistic God when he creates, relations between God and created things are impossible. Thus, relations can exist only between created things. Since the human mind is a created thing, in order to talk to each other and develop knowledge of God and his created things, our minds must develop both a talking and a scientific symbolic language. So, I say that a knowing mind is a scientific symbolic language.

To gain finite knowledge from God’s infinite wisdom, I concluded that God must appear in our world where he can learn a talking symbolic language, which allows him to teach new and turbulent ideas. (See my thoughts on new and turbulent ideas in Part IIb, Chapter 3.) Both Fillmore and I are convinced that such an appearance did occur when Christ appeared in the Jewish culture about 2000 years ago as the Son of God and taught new ideas. I say that Christ taught new and turbulent ideas by using the ‘living water’ he spoke of in Chapter 4 of St. John.

The differences between my thoughts and Fillmore’s thoughts are caused simply by a gap that I believe is created by God.


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