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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Is US Science Leading the USA into Communism?

In my 2/03/08 blog, I discuss the use of the double negative by Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx. There, I show that Hegel and Marx obtain different results when they use the double negative.

Hegel’s double negative applies to God and the universe. The use of the double negative by Hegel on God is identical to Nicholas of Cusa’s double negative. (For Cusa’s double negative, see Hopkins, Jasper, "Nicholas of Cusa’s Metaphysics of Contraction," Minneapolis: Arthur Banning Press, 1983, Ch. 1.) When applied to God and using Cusa’s double negative, one can say, ‘the universe is not God.’ But, one cannot say, ‘God is not the world.’ To know all positive things in the universe, one must negate all negatives in the universe. Hegel applies the single negative to all developments in the universe.

Marx’s double negation applies to the ‘law of development’ in the universe. An example is an evolutionary process. Marx does not apply it to God because he rejected God. (See Howard Selsam and Harry Martel, "Reader in Marxist Philosophy," New York: International Publishers, 1963, ps 133- 137.). However, since the Soviet Union fell, I heard that Russian scientists are restudying Hegel’s work. Perhaps the Eastern Christians are gaining more influence in Russia. Are the Russians returning to God after the failure of Marxism?

The rejection of God by the new US scientists beginning in the 1970s indicates that US science had become aligned to Marxism. Apparently, the new US scientists have rejected God and the Declaration of Independence, which mandates that the USA ibecome a nation under God. Does this new alignment mean that the USA's long fight against communism has turned to its opposite and that the USA is becoming a socialistic nation governed by communists?

I believe it is time for our governmental leaders to investigate this quiet and illegal change in the field of science.


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