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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Necessary and Important Actions of All Mature People in the Western World

In my 2/03/08 blog, I show that theology and religion are separated from science in many Western world nations. Accordingly, I suggest that all Western world theologians, religions, scientists and other mature people in the Western world take actions to make changes so that theology, religion, and science become unified. This unification can expect to eliminate wars, terrorism, evils, and social conflicts in the Western world.

These changes must use the two-step scientific method of proof developed in the Renaissance in order to prove all scientific and religious statements and teachings. To use this scientific method of proof, all Western religions and scientists must convert their opinions and scriptural statements into hypotheses, theories, and proofs. These hypotheses and theories will focus only on the acts of God and the things God creates as St. Paul suggests in the Bible at Rom. 1:20.

All hypotheses, theories, and proofs must be distinguished into the following thing categories: (1) the infrastructure things of life and (2) things of life. The infrastructure of things of life will be found only in nonliving things as Laws of Nature, as mentioned in the US Declaration of Independence. These nonliving things are the objects of physical scientists. On the other hand, things of life will be found only in living things as Laws of Nature’s God, also as mentioned in the US Declaration of Independence. These living things are the objects of theologians, religions, and all other life scientists.

I suggest that the USA initiate these changes by inviting other nations as observers or as participants. Once the changes have been made, information should be sent to other nations worldwide.


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